We offer Unique Ideas and Engraving Services

OC Engraving is the new standard for those who seek a personal or professional experience in Orange County.  We attend to your creative needs and inspire you with some of our own ideas.

Your ideas and projects are confidential and well secured. We do the work so you can go on with life and enjoy your free time.

At OC Engraving creativity, quality, and service is our commitment to you.

We have a great selections of  items ready to engrave for all occasions.

Visit us at Orange County Engraving to see what we can do for you!


  • Personalization

    OC Engraving will help you create special gifts, precious mementos and any other items that you would like to personalize to make special occasions even more special and unique. Do you want a special logo or font, not a problem!

  • Commercial Engraving

    Bring your projects such as name badges, corporate gifts, interior signs, promotional items and more for marking, engraving or cutting. Need materials? We have a large stock of different materials to suit your needs.

  • Industrial Engraving

    When in need of that special identification plates, control panels, etching on tools or parts bring them to OC Engraving. We can etch on metals such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and a wide variety of industrial plastics